Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese

Marshallese aspiring for growth through leadership, education, cultural integrity, and commitment to community.




ACOM works hard to improve the health of the Marshallese community we focus on diabetes prevention, access to healthcare and teaching a healthy lifestyle. We successfully lobbied the state to include Marshallese children in the ARKids insurance program. Closer to home we provide classes to encourage a healthy habits, and have even assisted children in our community in getting prosthetics.


Social Services & Education

ACOM strives to help Marshallese integrate in the social fabric of their community. We successfully lobbied the state of Arkansas to provide the Arkansas Drivers test in Marshallese.. We provide assistance with I-9’s and other needed government documents, offer drivers license preparation and financial literacy classes, and provide adoption counseling and services. And have partnered with local schools to to help serve the Marshallese community.



ACOM representatives have shared the story of the Marshallese in Arkansas at conferences and events around the world, advocated for the Marshallese community in our city, state, and courtrooms, and serve on the boards of multiple community organizations. And are a steady presence for the Marshallese in our community.



ACOM is proud to share the culture of the Marshall Islands with all of Arkansas. We were instrumental in the Wa Kuk Wa Jimor project where a traditional Marshallese Kokor was carved on the grounds of the Shiloh Museum and then displayed at parades and other community events. We have helped to bring lessons on Marshallese culture into our schools and regularly participate in community events.


Dedicated to improving the lives of the Marshallese community.


Please reach out to use with any questions you may have.


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